Please be aware that Swinton Pink is sadly no longer available. If you need to match this stone please contact a member of our team who will be only too happy to help.

Stone Origin:

Scottish Borders

Typical Aesthetics:

Pink / Grey

Typical Texture

Fine / Medium Grained


Quarried near Swinton in The Scottish Borders, Swinton Pink Sandstone has been used for over 300 years throughout the Borders in a host of different buildings from Stately Homes, Town halls, through to Bridges, Houses and Farm Buildings. Once the Railway came it was also said to have travelled well North and “according to Watson (1911), Swinton Stone which was a delicate Pink tint being highly esteemed by Architects, was sent to Edinburgh in considerable quantities…….for building Villas” (Building Stones of Edinburgh, Edin. Geological Society).

Technical Information

Overall, Swinton should be suitable for use in most aspects of construction  . It has been used extensively throughout the Borders and once the railways arrived has been used in large quantities further North and also in Northern Ireland.

Compressive Strength:

57 Mpa



Water Absorption:

6.4% (by wt)

Acid Immersion: 


Saturation Coefficient:


Bulk Specific Gravity:


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