Specialists in Restorative Masonry 

We have generations of experience in the supply of restorative stone masonry and we absolutely pride ourselves in paying special attention to the dressing techniques used by those who have gone before us. If you want to match something in a restoration project or you want your new build project to sit perfectly within a traditional environment we are here to help!

Attention is given to the width and shape of tool used, the direction of strike, the depth of strike, the number of strikes per inch – we do this bit in inches – because they did! Most importantly, we consider what the mason was trying to achieve in his working of the stone because unless you consider this, you are missing the point!

Restorative services at a glance

  • Matching Architectural moulding profiles.
  • Matching existing dressing / tooling styles.
  • Matching existing stone geologies.
  • Stone carving specialists.
  • Stone engraving specialists.
  • Stonework design service.
  • Restorative consultation / advice

Complimenting history

Surface dressings have changed over the years. Once upon a time they were applied as simply the quickest cheapest method of getting a surface flat or to provide a good key for lime render to attach to.

As fashions in architecture changed these surface dressings became more formal and refined so for example a broached quoin dressed in the 1700’s will be much coarser than one dressed in the late 1800’s.