From the rockface direct to your project with generations of skill and experience in between!


With Natural Stone, attention to detail is everything and we are committed to helping you with every step from selection of the perfect stone, through assisting where needed with design, templating, dressing details, schedules and thereafter using our Excavators, Drilling Rigs, Dump Trucks, Dozers, Monoblades, Primary Saws, Secondary Saws, CNC Saws, Milling Machines, Lathes, Routers, Guillotines and Tumbling Machines in conjunction with all the many years of skill and expertise brought together in our Quarriers, Banker Masons, Sawyers, Walling Masons, Polishers, Logistics Staff, and Projects Management Team in the Office to provide you with all the back up required to keep your project compliant with all British Standards and the legal requirements of CE Marking.


With 21 stunning stones held on site
(3 exclusive to us) we really do have something for everyone and every project!

At Hutton Stone we are proud to Quarry three really fantastic Sandstones ourselves in Swinton, producing it’s super clean greeny buff freestone, Hazeldean, producing a really great Craigleith alternative with colour being white to cream with some variations as well as our recently added Darney sandstone.

The thing is though, that because the area’s we supply are so geologically diverse we also stock a further 18 Block varieties covering every colour and texture that might be required.

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Our Quarries

Find out about our three famous quarries:
Swinton, Hazeldean and Darney