*Photo Credit: Ivan Jones

When a brick is more
than just a brick . . .

Introducing Darney Heritage Stone Bricks®

As first order pilot members of the UK Ethical Stone Register and proudly now producing our first Cradle to Grave EPD’s as part of our absolute drive and belief in Natural Stones future in full range, good value, low carbon sustainable whole life, load bearing construction we are committed to working with those that understand the potential of this material. As part of this we are delighted to be showcasing these Darney Sandstone Split & Sawn Stone Bricks in both standard brick size and larger even more efficient 140mm high forms which have a fraction of the embodied carbon compared to a typical clay fired brick.

Darney Split and sawn Bricks are available direct exclusively from Hutton Stone with four others also available including:

Darney Split Faced
Darney Sawn Faced

St Bees Sawn Brick
Howley Park Sawn Brick

Doddington Sawn Brick
Locharbriggs Sawn brick


50 MPa Compressive Strength!

2 Beautiful Finishes

Both Split and Sawn Finishes Available


215mm x 102mm x 65mm (L,W,H)

Environmentally Friendly

100% Reusable & Recyclable


Less Embodied CO2 vs Clay Bricks


Compressive Strength (Mean)


Made in The UK


Beautiful Finishes - Split/Sawn

Technical Info:

ManufacturerHutton Stone
ProductDarney Heritage Natural Stone Brick
Product CodeNatural Blend
Dimensions215mm x 102mm x 65mm (l,w,h)
Weight (Dry Individual Brick)3.08kg (Approx)
Pack Quantity392 nr
Embodied CarbonKg of CO2e/m2: 11
VOCs / Harmful ChemicalsNone
End of Use100% Reusable & Recyclable

Technical Properties to BS EN 771.6

Density2190 kg/m³ (Mean)
Dimensional Tolerances± 2mm
Compressive Strength64 MPa (Mean)
Thermal Conductivity1.9 (W/(m∙K) λ10, (EN 1745)
Durability DesignationFrost Resistant 3.7 MPa (Mean) (56 Cycles)
Reaction to FireClass A1
Water Absorbtion Due to Capillary Action
(BS EN1925)
23.82m²/sec 0,5

*Photo Credit: Ivan Jones