Stone is already ahead of almost all building materials in its green credentials, this means we can enjoy the timeless essence of solidity, quality and prestige of stone knowing that we have made the correct choice for our environment.

Sustainability of Natural Stone

Yes, it is possible to have your cake and eat it, beautiful natural Sandstone with a low carbon footprint!

Recent studies commissioned (Heriott Watt 2010 – Embodied Carbon In Natural Building Stone In Scotland) state that natural stone has the lowest amount of embodied carbon compared to other UK construction materials.

Stone, unlike other man-made products is a truly natural product simply taken from the ground and processed using low energy machinery, there are no high energy transformations taking place in fuel-burning kilns that pump vast amounts of CO² into the atmosphere, nature has already done all the hard work!

Company Sustainability…

We are aware of our environmental impacts so have recently made big steps to reduce our water consumption by installing a new water recycling system, this has significantly reduced our water consumption from around 750m³ to 325m³. We are also currently looking into using renewable energy’s for some of our electricity supply.

As quarrier’s of Sandstone we understand the importance of responsible quarrying and our environmental impact, at our Hazeldean Quarry we have an ecological area specifically for the protection of lichen and we also employ a heather replanting programme to keep our quarrying impact to an absolute minimum.

Giving Something Back

As well as our continuing company sustainability program we also support the local community by sponsoring local sports teams including, Coldstream Football Club, Berwick Rangers Juniors U16’s, Berwick Rangers Juniors U15’s and Greenlaw Juniors football team – hopefully resulting in a few superstars in the future!

We also support local community projects and have donated stone to Ellingham Parish, Whitsome Parish Council, and have made donations to South Charlton village hall and many individuals in sponsorship for worthwhile causes.

SME Committed 

Climate action grows more important by the day. Small businesses – making  up 90% of businesses worldwide – have a huge role to play in tackling the  climate crisis.
We’re proud to be a member of the @SMEClimateHub community, and are delighted to receive our badge as official recognition of our business’ commitment to reduce our impact on the environment through authentic action.