Company Directors

Marcus Paine

Managing Director

Marcus oversees all day to day aspects of running the company, provides support to all area managers/foremen in walling, masonry and sawing production and in particular oversees all quarrying movements and quarrying production. Trained in Management, First Aid, Various Plant Operation, Quarry Specifics and Geotechnical.

Stephen Paine

Stephen Paine

Director & Company Secretary

A Purbeck Limestone quarry owner from 1963 to 1987. Selling up to move to the Scottish Borders with the purchase of West Fishwick Farm.

Office Staff

Amie Luke

Office Manager

Amie is the woman who is most likely to answer the phone, and direct you to the help you are looking for. She produces all the invoices, keeps the accounts on track and keeps all things office nice and neat. She is also our social media expert, getting all of our good work out there for the world to see!

Ian Black

Yard Manager

Ian was the 4th person to be taken on by the Company and has helped grow the company right from the start. He oversees the all masonry production, and coordinated deliveries. Trained in all aspects of Banker and Fixing masonry in London and Northumberland by English Heritage and also Management & Health & Safety by ourselves.

Mark Luke

Saw Manager

Mark oversees all sawing production form the office. Often seen with a clipboard, tape measure and marking out crayon in his hand, a truly skilled man at getting the best from every stone. He is trained in operating all the saws and forklifts from 3 to 15 tonnes and has management training too.

Graeme Patterson

Senior Estimator

Graeme has nearly 40 years’ experience as a building contractor, given this he is an absolute god send to the company and estimating department. He provides the organised approach we need to get accepted jobs form quotation to production. No technical query will phase this man!

Hayley Spencer


Hayley does all the PAYE, VAT, and Accounts stuff, organises all the cheque and electronic payments to our suppliers and produces all the management accounts for Marcus. You may think that someone who loves bookwork so much might be a bit boring, but no, Hayley is also our resident expert on motorcycle Enduro riding & touring car competitions.

Lesley Paine


Lesley handles various admin duties for us as well as dealing with the advertising side of the company. She is also our resident expert on healthy living and what vitamins we should be taking as well as being our resident thespian! In her previous career as an actor she featured in numerous Plays and TV shows.

Banker Masons

Walling Masons


Sawing Production

Phil Hogg

Sawyer (Secondary Saw)

Phil operates one of our profiling secondary saws. That means he takes slab from the primary saws and saws it into the finished sizes. He is super quick and accurate with everything he does and wears yard brushes out weekly, seriously he sweeps everything all the time and actually wears brushes out!

Steve Richie

Sawyer (CNC & Secondary Saw)

Steve Ritchie the very first employee of the company, taken on by Marcus one year after starting. Trained originally as a mason at Telford College, he then working for years producing excellent walling, and is now sawing on our CNC saw. He is also trained on various forklifts and in First Aid.

Sean Woods

Sawyer (Secondary Saw)

Sean was originally taken on to assist in general yard operations, however soon proved his mettle and has since moved to secondary saw production, another quiet member of staff that does the job with calm, concentrated, efficiency - exactly what you need working on a secondary saw!


Kevin Patterson


Kev was the 5th employee taken on in the company, Kev spent two years initially in Swinton Quarry and has been Quarry Foreman ever since. Always the man for a challenge Kev digs stone like it is his natural talent. Trained in Excavator, drill Rig, 180 slew, Forklift, Quarry Safety, Geotechnical, and first aid.

Martin Brachvogel


Martin 'Bratch' has over 25 years’ experience in quarrying, and is also a fountain of knowledge on all building work. He is trained in Excavator, drill Rig, 180 slew, Forklift, Quarry Safety, Geotechnical, tractor/dumper operation, and first aid Bratch is again simply an excellent dimension stone quarryman.


Michelle De Bruin

Senior Carver

A friend of the company since its beginnings Michelle became our Artist in Residence and chief carver in 2005. Michelle is quite simply a superbly talented artist and we are honoured to have her with us and happy to provide a platform for her work.

Josephine Crossland


Jo trained at Weymouth College in Applied Architectural Stone Carving and Conservation, after a period of working in the Conservation sector she came to us to train with Michelle thanks to funding from Historic Scotland and the Heritage Lottery Fund. We look forward to a bright future with the carving dream team!


Ross Blackley

Delivery Driver

Ross joined us when our previous long term driver Walter retired and has many years of experience at all levels of HGV work. Trained in HGV operation, Remote Control Crane Operation/ safe lifting and Driver Refresher Training Ross is also our resident expert on virtually everything that nobody else knows!