Our Team

They say you are only as good as your team, and we are fortunate to have some of the most dedicated professional staff in the industry. We pride ourselves on the fact that most of our staff have been with us for some considerable years; and a few from the outset. Below you can find the members of our some 40 strong team that you are likely to bump shoulders with for your project.

Company Directors . . .

Marcus Paine

Managing Director

Marcus oversees all day-to-day aspects of running the company, provides support to all area managers/foremen in walling, masonry and sawing production and in particular oversees the broader elements of quarrying production. Trained in Management, First Aid, Various Plant Operation, Quarry Specifics and Geotechnical and with production experience throughout every aspect of the Company. 5th Generation in Quarrying and Natural Stone Production.

Stephen Paine

Director & Company Secretary

A Purbeck Limestone quarry owner from 1963 to 1987. Selling up to move to the Scottish Borders with the purchase of West Fishwick Farm.
Adds a wealth of knowledge and historical perspective whenever the Team need it.

Our Key Staff . . .

Ian Black

Health & Safety and General Manager

Ian was the 4th person to be taken on by the Company and has helped grow the company right from the start. Trained in all aspects of Banker and Fixing masonry in London and Northumberland by English Heritage and also Management & Health & Safety by ourselves, Ian provides Technical Masonry support to our Masonry Manager and Pricing Team and oversees all aspects of the Companies Health and Safety responsibilities from Quarries to Factories.

Mark Luke

Saw Production Manager

Mark manages the entire sawing production team, both Primary and secondary as well as having a broader focus on general yard operation across the Hutton site . Often seen with a clipboard, tape measure and marking out crayon in his hand, a truly skilled man at getting the best from every stone. Mark began his career with us in the Quarry and has moved extensively up through all aspects of the Primary and Secondary Sawing areas he is trained in operating all production saws and CNC and forklifts from 3 to 15 tonnes and has extensive production Management training too.

Amie Luke

Office Manager

Amie is the key and central figure in the smooth operation of our Office. Overseeing all team aspects of front desk activity right through to liaising with the Accounts Team, Social Media output and contributes enormously to general Management. She is extremely efficient and focused on great service and clean operation of all things Office based. She is also on hand to save the rest of us when we don’t know how to do something PC technical, thankfully!!!

Michael Brown

Masonry and Logistics Manager

Michael oversees the smooth flow of project timing across the Company with a particular focus on Masonry organisation,. He is an extremely conscientious Manager who along with the senior Masons insists on very high quality from the banker staff and this drive is the backbone of our quality demands and what makes them all a really special team. Michael is the person who focuses very much on the production schedule and is the go to guy when you are looking for an update on production. Michael began his career with us in walling production and proceeded through many years as a Banker Mason.

Derek Pearson

Senior Pricing Manager

Following a long and experienced career in Construction Materials quantifying and Pricing, Derek joined us as our Senior Pricing Manager. Derek oversees the 3 person pricing team in all aspects from initial client needs through full costing and on to raising production detail and schedules. Derek also specialises in development of systems to enhance information flow through the Business.

Nick Holmes

Hutton Walling Production Manager

Nick joined us last year with specific training and experience in production line efficiency to head up the further development of our Hutton Yard Walling Production. Nick has built a superb team of youth and experience with a focus on training for progression and has designed and overseen the complete redesign of our production processes, reducing manual handling and operator fatigue very significantly and vastly improving output whilst absolutely maintaining Hutton Stone levels of product quality.

Kevin Patterson

Swinton & Hazeldean Quarry Manager

Kev was the 5th employee taken on by the Company and joined us in 1999, Kev spent two years initially in Swinton Quarry under the guidance of our Managing Director and has been Quarry Foreman of Swinton and latterly Hazeldean ever since. Always the man for a challenge Kev digs stone like it is his natural instinct. Trained in Excavator, drill Rig, 180 slew, Forklift, Quarry Safety, Geotechnical, and first aid.

Martin Brachtvogel

Darney Quarry and Production Site Manager

Martin 'Bratch' Brachtvogel has over 30 years’ experience in quarrying and has highly specialist knowledge within the large scale Dimension Stone Industry in Northumberland. He is trained in Explosives, Heavy Plant, Excavator, Drill Rig, 180 slew, Forklift, Quarry Safety, Geotechnical, tractor/dumper operation, Primary and Secondary Sawing Production, Mass Production Walling Manufacture and First Aid. Bratch oversees the entire Darney team in Quarrying and Factory production of Darney Heritage Walling.

Nick Moor

Senior Foreman & Banker Mason

Joining straight from School in 2005, Nick was apprenticed by us as a Banker Mason and attended Edinburgh Telford College. His knowledge of our stonetypes, our working methods and quality control are central to the Hutton Stone philosphy. As a Mason he is quick and accurate. He relishes the trickiest masonry jobs and polishes them off in an unflappable manner. Nick along with Stu oversees all physical masonry production and the whole Banker shop team.

Stewart Sneddon

Senior Foreman & Banker Mason

Another of our highly valued home grown Banker Masons, Stu joined us in 2002 and worked for his entire training under the tutorage of our sadly passed dear friend and highly esteemed Mason/Carver Gary Faye. Just like Gary, Stu is quick and accurate without ever losing quality and is a highly creative and efficient operator of our milling and routing machinery. Stu also relishes lettering and carving work and works hard at helping develop younger Masons under his wider team care. Stu along with Nick oversees all physical masonry production and the whole Banker shop team.

Michelle De Bruin

Senior Carver

A friend of the company since its beginnings Michelle became our Artist in Residence and chief carver in 2005. Michelle is quite simply a superbly talented artist and we are honoured to have her with us and happy to provide a platform for her work.

Josephine Crossland


Jo trained at Weymouth College in Applied Architectural Stone Carving and Conservation, after a period of working in the Conservation sector she came to us to train with Michelle thanks to funding from Historic Scotland and the Heritage Lottery Fund. Like Michelle, Jo is an integral part of the landscape here at Hutton Stone and we very much enjoy having her with us. A wonderful carver in the tradition of her Mentor Michelle.

Ross Blackley

Delivery Driver

Ross “The Stane Crane” joined us in 2012 when our previous long term driver Walter retired and has many years of experience at all levels of HGV work. Trained in Logistics, HGV operation, Remote Control Crane Operation/ Safe lifting and Driver Refresher Training Ross is also our resident expert on virtually everything that nobody else knows! Ross does his very upmost to assist the Client in getting their order where they want it…or as near as he possibly and safely can! Ross’s history with the Company date back though to around 1999 as he was then employed by the local Haulier that our MD used to haul out of our first Quarry….so Ross and Marcus can go back many years to those muddy days chaining blocks from the Quarry floor onto Ross’s then wagon.