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The Stone Cracker Project 

We were proud and delighted to join our friends – the greatly missed Hugo Burge ( The overall vision at Marchmont Makers Foundation) Charlie Poulsen (The Artist) and Willie Rodger ( Forsyth of Denny, The Crane and Transport) along with all the team that contributed to the process in bringing the STONE CRACKER Project to fruition.

Our part, the initial sourcing of the circa 45 tonne block of Doddington Sandstone from our friends and colleagues at Marshalls Plc and thereafter the masonry required to place a 1 metre diameter x 3 metre hole right through the centre of the stone before it was upturned and placed over the tree. Thanks to our Quarry Foreman Kev Patterson, Neil Turnbull our Quarry drill rig operator and our MD Marcus for doing the, at times, painful work required to drive it through. Though always on this project it was understood by all that it was challenging…. which made it all the more worth it in the end. An inexplicably exceptional thing now peacefully sited at the magnificent Marchmont for people to wonder about for ever.

Video credit – Dominic Clemence