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Hutton Stone signs the Stone Federations Responsible sourcing Pledge

As part of our commitment to the ethical and sustainable sourcing of materials, we are adding our name to the Stone Federation Responsible Sourcing Pledge. We are committed to adhering to the Stone Federation Sustainability Statement and starting our journey on the Ethical Stone Register.


What is the Responsible Sourcing Pledge?

We are passionate about the natural stone industry playing its part in reducing the carbon impact of the construction sector and, as part of this, the Stone Federation GB are launching the Responsible Sourcing Pledge.

In 2012 they launched the Stone Federation Sustainability Statement, which laid out there commitment to sustainable procurement and detailed the expectations we had of their members around this issue.

Building on this, in 2016 they launched The Ethical Stone Register, a unique resource created specifically for the natural stone industry, in response to The Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the issues of sourcing materials responsibly.

Now, in 2022, they are looking to build on these foundations with a new Responsible Sourcing Pledge which includes their updated Sustainability Statement.

In short, the Responsible Sourcing Pledge is an opportunity for Stone Federation members, architects and major contractors alike to demonstrate their commitment to the issues of ethical and sustainable sourcing of natural stone.

As part of the Responsible Sourcing Pledge, they are encouraging all members to commit to our Sustainability Statement and to start their journey on the Ethical Stone Register.

The issues of ethical and sustainable sourcing require the commitment of the whole supply chain, which is why the Responsible Sourcing Pledge is aimed at materials suppliers, specifiers, consultants and contractors.


Who has signed the Responsible Sourcing Pledge?

To date, the following companies have demonstrated their commitment to being a part of delivering a more sustainable, ethical and environmentally responsible built environment and signed the Responsible Sourcing Pledge:

Albion Stone
Athena Stonecare
AVV Solutions
Burlington Stone
Classic Masonry Ltd
DBR Limited
Fila Surface Care Solutions
Granite le Pelley
Lovell Stone Group
Harrison Goldman
Hutton Stone
LSI Stone
Quadriga Contracts
Recclesia Ltd
Universal Stone
Vetter UK Ltd