ceThe 1st of July 2013 is the date that CE Marking of Construction Products became a Mandatory Requirement.

Whilst Natural Stone products from reputable suppliers are routinely supplied to European Standards, CE Marking is only applicable to those materials which are contained in a European Standard that is “Harmonised”. In this case Harmonised means that the EU has agreed the criteria for this product across all member states.

There are many BS EN Standards covering the supply of Natural Stone, not all of which are Harmonised. Two examples of non harmonised standards are BS EN 1467 Natural Stone Rough Blocks and BS EN 12059 Natural Stone Products – Dimension Stone whilst two examples of Harmonised Standards are BS EN 771-6 Natural Stone Masonry Units and BS EN 1341 Slabs of Natural Stone for External Paving.

Cutting across this, Products which are “Individually manufactured or custom made in a non series process in response to a specific order and installed in a single identifiable construction work” are routinely supplied to BS EN Standards by reputable Companies but are outside the scope of mandatory CE Marking even where these standards are harmonised.

It is therefore difficult to generalise which Projects or Products within those Projects might be within scope of CE Marking but your reputable supplier should provide CE Certification where necessary and be able to explain why CE Marking is not applicable to any item where they consider it to be the case. It is important that Customers and Specifiers understand that Blanket CE Marking is clearly inappropriate.

The Declaration of Performance and CE Certificates are not fitness for purpose documents, they are simply a declaration of values required by the relevant BS EN Standard, verifying constancy of performance.

The information set out in our Declarations of Performance and CE Certificates is based on 3rd party accredited laboratory tests for our own stones to determine the characteristics of the mineral and routine factory production control systems.

CE Marking is not a substitute for tried and tested Specification and Testing Methodologies, but will provide greater transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain.

Declarations of Performance for Hutton Stone Products are available via this web site whilst CE Certificates where required will be attached to the relevant delivery/collection note.

Our Delivery Documentation will contain a web link to the published information.